Scarf Tying Guide by Wendy Newman Designs

Scarf Tying Guide by Wendy Newman Designs

This guide demonstrates 21 different ways to tie a Wendy Newman Designs scarf. To all my scarf loving collectors, it’s knowing what to do with that colorful piece of fabric that brings it all to life. Remember that special scarf you got while traveling to Italy, and now it will no longer sit there, this guide is for you to see all the lovely ways you can wear those most treasured pieces. I love this card, so I have enclosed it with every scarf so you may keep it handy in your dressing area for the many ideas I hope it will give to you. My square scarves are 50 inches x 50 inches and you can wear them so many different ways, even as a dress, vest, or a skirt. When you travel don’t ever go on a trip without one or two or even three of them. Put in 2 pairs of leggings and you can go anywhere. You need a scarf for entrance into many places that require your head to be covered, or if you want them to warm you from the breeze off the Mediterranean. Don’t forget the scarf magnet to hold your arrangement in place. My favorite way to wear my large square scarf is as a cape with the scarf magnets at each shoulder so it stays put and never damages the silk. Whether it’s silk or poly blends, or tencel (plant fibers), we have got you covered in style. Go on, make your statement.

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  1. Wendy Newman, Your designs are magnificent!
    You have an amazing gift.
    Your website is outstanding and you look great, like a fine wine, you get better with age!
    I am going to order your blue umbrella and get the long blue scarf.
    You have done an exceptional job creating your Wendy Newman Designs!

    Sherri Reed
    July 2, 2019 Reply
    • Thank you Sherri, you will enjoy both the umbrella and the scarf.

      July 2, 2019 Reply

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