The Mission of Wendy Newman Designs is to create intriguing, imaginative, and unique mandala designs to inspire joyful expression, celebrate love of place and travel, and happy, healthy, holistic living.

Using original photographs, Wendy Newman deconstructs images and then reconstructs them into mandala designs, creating high-quality hand-rolled silk scarves, reverse umbrellas, kimonos, and leggings for museums, resorts, wineries, events, and cities.


Wendy Newman Designs was founded in 2016 by Asheville based designer Wendy Newman. Newman has worked professionally as a photographer and fashion designer for over 40 years all around the world.


Wendy Newman Designs has been featured in an array of prominent national and regional publications including The Asheville Citizen Times, Asheville Lifestyle Magazine, AshevilleGrit, Grandeur Magazine, Hushh Magazine, and more.

Asheville Lifestyle Magazine

“Our town is known for its art deco skyline, but local artist Wendy Newman brings a whole new level of art to our architecture with her unique mandalas and fashion designs.”
Asheville Lifestyle Magazine – Fall 2017

Grandeur Magazine featuring Wendy Newman Designs

“There is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Southwest Florida Wine & Food Fest, especially for artist Wendy Newman. She spent hundreds of hours creating a one-of-a-kind silk scarf for the fundraiser using her widely sought-after mandala designs.”
Grandeur Magazine – February 2018

Asheville Made Magazine featuring Wendy Newman Designs

“Asheville photographer and fashion designer Wendy Newman incorporates intricate mandala patterns into her signature apparel-and-accessories line, including scarves, leggings, kimonos, and umbrellas. Inside the multi-layered images, iconic pictures of Asheville architecture emerge.”
Asheville Made – March 2018

Hushh Magazine featuring Wendy Newman Designs

Hushh Magazine – May 2019, spring issue

Giving Back:

As a local family-owned business, we appreciate the support we’ve received from the community over the years and celebrate the opportunity to give back to organizations that make our cities such a special place.

WND takes pride in being in being involved with the following organizations:

Wendy’s Cancer Warriors

Wendy offers a uniquely magical experience for individuals and families by proving free photoshoots for those battling cancer. Wendy hopes this serves as both a momentary escape for families and individuals as well as creating extraordinary family heirloom photos that can be cherished eternally.

This project has been featured by multiple news outlets and publications including The Citizen Times and WLOS.

Wendy's Cancer Warriors featured in the Asheville Citizen Times

Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County

Scarf for The Asheville Buncombe County Preservation SocietyWND has been a proud sponsor of the Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County since 2016.

“For 2 years the Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County has benefitted from the generosity and talent of Wendy Newman Designs. This year our sponsors received an umbrella featuring mandalas of historic buildings in downtown. They were so impressed and thrilled to have such a special gift – thank you Wendy!”

Cynthia Waton – Fall 2017

Vizcaya Museum Store in Miami featuring the Centennial Scarf by Wendy Newman DesignsVizcaya Museum and Gardens
WND has been a sponsor of the Annual Vizcaya Ball, a benefit for the protection and preservation of the historic Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida since 2016.


For general inquiries please use our contact page.

Wendy Newman
Owner & Designer
(828) 333-7322

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