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About us


Welcome to Wendy Newman Designs!

Wendy Newman has been working as a professional photographer for over 30 years, has been published in a variety of media, and has won numerous awards in both fashion and photography.  In 1999 Wendy and her family moved to Asheville, North Carolina where she discovered a new world of astonishing locations and changing seasons.  The unique setting of Asheville inspired the Mandala Project, beginning in 2015, as an exploration of the deconstruction and reimagining of select photographic images. Each unique creation is the product of hours of precise analysis and manipulation, with multiple image layers, instructed always by the caprice of imagination.  In 2016 Wendy began creating wearable art, incorporating her kaleidoscopic mandalas of photographs of Asheville into the design of women’s fashion. Wendy Newman Designs will expand this exciting concept to new applications and new cities.