Custom Designs by Wendy Newman

***these items are samples of custom work that I have done exclusively for clients, and they are not available for purchase

Commemorative Events & Charities

Resorts & Museums

Elevate the impact of your next event with an original Wendy Newman design that is as artful as your guests and clientele. Custom scarves, umbrellas, leggings, and kimonos, created from original photographs illuminating the beauty of your unique style, add luxury and flair to weddings, festivals, and commemorative events. Proprietors of exceptional businesses all over the world know that offering an exclusive Wendy Newman piece of wearable fine art celebrating their wines, resorts, museums, and luxury products creates a lasting impression that keeps their business at their finest customers’ fingertips and in their wardrobes.  

We start with mine or your images, logos, colors and ideas to create a design that is always approved by you before final production, and takes 8 weeks from approval to produce scarves and umbrellas, and 4 weeks for all other clothing. The possibilities are endless and you work with the designer as much or as little as you like. Design fees are reasonable and start at $300.00.  These scarves are not for sale. For your own custom design, please contact us for pricing and information.